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pravovae-uslugi- Legal advice on civil matters , weather oral, written or online;
- Litigation and legal defense in civil cases;
- Litigation in judicial enforcement proceedings;
- Subscribed legal service to commercial companies;
- Consulting services in real estate deals. Assistance before a notary;
- Preparation of notary deeds for sale, donation, transfer of a property in return of care and support, substitution, establishing the right to build, establishing the right to use, mortgages and others;
- Preparation of all types of contracts, agreements, powers of attorney and wills.
 - Registration, changes, termination of traders and trading companies, establishment of legal entities of nonprofit purpose;
 - Consultations and representation on substantive law and bond issues;
 - Consultations on family law and inheritance matters;
 - Judicial change of a name;
 - Divorce by mutual consent or by fault of one of the spouses;
 - Consultations and legal assistance over custody disputes;
  - Replacing the consent of the parent by a judicial decision - in removal of a child outside the Republic of Bulgaria;
  - Contesting the paternity, recognition, claims to establish the origin of the mother, claims to establish the origin of the father;
   - Placing under guardianship and appointment of guardian;
   - Alimony:
   - Partition of property  - judicial and extrajudicial;
   - Claims for a greater share of property, acquired during a marriage;
   - Consultations and legal assistance in adoption;
   - Representation before state and municipal authorities;
   - Appealing of penal provisions ;
   - Appealing of administrative claims;
    - Entry in the Chamber of Construction;

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